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모델 상태: 온라인 오프라인
35, 처녀 자리, Germany
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성별 여성
관심 대상 여성, 남성, 커플
나이 35
신장 5'4" - 5'6" [160cm- 170cm]
무게 120 - 140 파운드 [55 - 60 킬로그램]
헤어 흑발
인종 백인
언어 영어
음모 털 면도함
가슴 매우 큰
엉덩이 중간
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I get the horniest when I'm told what to do. So, tell me what to do. I have a lot of toys to play with. The more tokens you give me the more submissive I will be
내 소개
I am a focused female figure competitor and personal trainer. I am back in college agian. I love to work out, ride my dirtbike, write books and handle business. My hot husband thinks I'm sexy and he knows you do, too.
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Rude, disrespectful, or derogatory comments (bitch, slut, whore, cunt etc.) especially directed toward Ime (Indigo Foxxx) will end the party.
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